The museum

The Virtual Museum of the Medical School of Salerno is a remarkable achievement for the Salerno municipality, and to help spreading the knowledge of Medieval history and Medicine.
By this museum, the Monuments and Fine Arts bureau of Salerno and Avellino add a new plug to their thirty-year activity – among the others – of rediscovery and valorisation of some extraordinary pages of medieval history that the city of Salerno preserves in its history, its monuments and its ancient city centre.
All this was made possible by the qualified and dedicated efforts of the bureau’s personnel who work every day with competency and experience; among them the team of professionals coordinated by Mariella Pasca, who – thanks to their varied abilities, have at last realized the ambitious plan to endow Salerno with a museum able to divulge scrupulously documented information about the most famous school of medicine in the world. 
The realization of the museum of the Medical School of Salerno comes from in-depth studies and bibliographical and iconographical researches that brought back to Salerno images and documents found in libraries and archives all over the world. This whole work was released by the Monuments and Fine Arts bureau through important events and publications in Italy and abroad, and is today permanently shown in the ancient San Gregorio church, restored by the Arts bureau in the old city centre.
Here, the most advanced technologies of audio-visual communication permit to meet with scholars and researchers and at the same time to transmit the information in a clear, fascinating and amusing way for the wider public of visitors, tourists and students


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